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In 1999 Peter Chakonas started in the basement of his own home with one house and one business at a time with limited rescues. Today Pride Klean has grown into one of the most successful residential and commercial cleaning services in New Castle and Sussex County Delaware, Elkton Maryland, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Here at Pride Klean, we understand the importance of knowing whom you are letting in your home. We encourage you to learn a little bit about us. If at any time you have questions or just want to know a bit more.

30+ years of Experience

Pride Klean is an award-winning residential and commercial cleaning company that creates a feeling of welcome, comfort, and beauty in the homes of its valued customers while fostering the spirit of generosity in the lives of the Pride Klean Team.

Whether the job is large or small, it is important to our Team. “I am a stickler for detail” you can count on my team to clean your home or business right. It’s our attention to detail and a truly personalized approach that sets us apart in this competitive business. If it’s chrome I want it to shine. If it’s glass, I want it to sparkle. – Peter Chakonas House Cleaning is in my blood! If my Team did not get it RIGHT I want to hear from you!

Why Choose Us?

30+ Years of Experience




Winter months often mean baking, planning gatherings for family and friends, and running errands from a to do list that never seems to end. In other words . . . who has time to clean?!!

If your time is spent scrubbing those bathrooms, dusting those hard to reach places and vacuuming more floor space than you thought you had--then call us now. If the laundry is piling up, mopping has got you down, and the kitchen filth is a mess you can’t keep up with--then call us now. If your hands have been tied up by swiffering and wiping then don't delay a minute longer.

There's no need to anguish over house cleaning when the cleaning experts at Pride Klean are here to help! Our professional staff lets you appreciate and enjoy your kitchen and home so you can have more time for the fun things in life. Our attention to detail and dedication to quality service is what makes us who we are so leave the dirty work to us.

Pride Klean


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Pride Klean


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